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AgeFriendly is your premier business directory, created specifically for the over 50s market, and was intentionally developed to meet the unique and distinctive needs of this affluent and growing demographic.

Brands and businesses alike need to acknowledge and appreciate, and hence also cater to and take advantage of, the unparalleled value of this ever-increasing audience.


Add my business to AgeFriendly

Could YOUR Business do with a Boost from a Group that is Eight Times Wealthier than a Younger Audience?

With more money to spare and less time constraints, the over 50s market could easily fill your quieter times and substantially boost your bottom line!

It certainly makes sense to connect with this distinguished group, as you create a win-win situation for both your business and your future guests.

(Think now about off-peak special offers and filling those seats!)

When you GET LISTED on AgeFriendly, you get an array of benefits that will boost your business, as well as give you a competitive edge.

PLUS you get all the additional value that being an AgeFriendly member offers you.

Just take a look at these numbers and know why listing with AgeFriendly will be the best decision you make today!


The AgeFriendly platform enjoys over 330,000 unique pageviews per month and this number is continuously growing. That's a vast audience of potential customers eagerly seeking businesses like yours.


With an organic search volume of over 50,000, your business will be prominently featured and discoverable by those searching for age-friendly services and products. We ensure that your business gets the attention it deserves.


AgeFriendly offers you the opportunity to gain thousands of impressions per day through our advertising networks. This means increased exposure and a wider reach for your business, ultimately leading to more leads and conversions, all at a minimal cost.


Our platform boasts a vast and growing number of email newsletter subscribers who eagerly await our weekly updates. By listing with AgeFriendly, you reach thousands of engaged individuals who are already interested in what our platform offers.


We’re steadily growing our social media presence, and our posts are already reaching tens of thousands of impressions per week. This means your business will benefit from increased visibility and exposure through our expanding social media channels.


For a monthly fee of less than the cost of a light meal, you get all this added exposure and potential new business. PLUS you get to take advantage of AgeFriendly’s discounted annual fee – an additional incentive to SIGN UP now!

Add my business to AgeFriendly

When you become an AgeFriendly verified business, you tap into these impressive numbers and gain access to a vibrant and active community of over 50s who are eager to discover and delight in what your venue has to offer.

Join AgeFriendly today and benefit from our extensive reach, engaged audience and growing platform to attract new customers, boost your revenue, and solidify your position as an age-friendly business leader.

Take advantage of our limited time offer and GET LISTED with AgeFriendly today.

Why miss the bus and all the benefits when you too can become an AgeFriendly verified business and reap all the rewards?

So go ahead, do it right now!

Your Business AND Your Bottom Line... Will Thank You

Add my business to AgeFriendly

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